Arts and humanities

Life is all about exploring your interests and discovering new ones. As an arts and humanities student, you will be challenged every day to see the world from a new perspective.

One degree offers many courses of action

A degree that belongs on your bucket list

Your time with us is about more than finding a career. It’s also about discovering new places and experiences. During our arts degree you can study literature and drama in New York, take an arts study tour of Venice, or explore Rome while studying history, politics and geography. All of our courses offer study abroad opportunities, and you’ll get access to a range of local and international community engagement projects. Plus the opportunity to gain real-world experience through our Big Ideas: Social Enterprise and Innovation project or community engagement placements.

International community engagement or internship
Overseas study tour
Semester abroad
Short exchange

Meet our people

Karina Teh
Visual arts student

“I really enjoy the intimate and personal experience that ACU provides for its students.

The lecturers, teaching staff, and technical officers all have incredible knowledge, care personally for their students, and provided me with artistic experiences I could never have dreamed of.”

Professor Michael Ondaatje
National Head, School of Arts

Professor Michael Ondaatje is the National Head of the School of Arts, and a Research Associate at the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney.

He was awarded his PhD with distinction from the University of Western Australia in 2008, and his thesis on African-American conservatism was recognised with the Robert Street Prize for the most outstanding PhD across all of the university’s disciplines.