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We know you’ll be facing the challenges of working in an increasingly global environment and there’s much to gain from growing your international experience. With this in mind, we’ve got connections with more than 80 partner institutions around the world. Through our exchange programs you can study overseas and gain credit for up to one year of your law degree.

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Meet our people

Abdul Malek Kazimi
Law student

“I was one of only two students sent from Australia to do pro bono work at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. I worked with an NGO and learned a lot about the UN and what it does. That’s definitely been the highlight of my course so far.

In 2014 I went to Afghanistan. When I came back, I established a group project with a few close friends. It’s called Project YANA (You Are Not Alone). We provide assistance to newly arrived migrants and refugees. Some are individuals, some are families, and they all need different kinds of help.”

Dr Kunle Ola
Thomas More Law School

Dr Kunle Ola is a lawyer with an academic, legal, regulatory, enforcement and administrative background. He started his formal legal career at the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria and then joined a private law firm as a partner.

Dr Ola has represented Nigeria on several UN specialised committees, including the Standing Committee for Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR), the WIPO General Assembly and the WIPO Committee for Development in Intellectual Property (CDIP). He has extensive international legal experience, which he is passionate about sharing with his students at ACU.