If your ambition is to become a paramedic, you’re aspiring to a career where you’ll make a difference every single day. As a paramedic you work on the frontline of healthcare, and may respond to Triple Zero calls, provide critical care, and even save lives.

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Your time with us is about more than finding a career. It’s also about discovering new places and experiences. As a student, you can complete part of your degree overseas, and you’ll also get access to a range of international community engagement projects, like assisting an ambulance service in Timor Leste.

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Mihai Gavrilescu
Paramedicine student

“There’s a lot of practical work at ACU, which I really enjoy. Our placements are out on the road with ambulances. There’s definitely that adrenalin rush when you go to something you’ve never seen before.

But the way in which these situations can be calmed down appeals to me. The calmer it is, the better the outcome. I like the problem-solving part of paramedicine and the ability to have an immediate impact. Treatment isn’t always about giving drugs or stopping the bleeding. Being supportive is treatment in itself.”

Profile Dr Paul Fulbrook
Professor of Nursing, School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine

Dr Paul Fulbrook is Professor of Nursing at ACU. He also holds a joint appointment as Nursing Director, Research and Practice Development at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane where he leads the Nursing Research and Practice Development Centre.

Within the critical care context he has widely published, spoken at many international and national conferences, and is currently involved with several research projects in intensive care and emergency care.