As a physiotherapist, you will help people recover from a wide range of injuries, health conditions and movement disorders. You’ll improve quality of life for children, teenagers and adults.

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Julia Eades
Physiotherapy graduate

“Working with stroke survivors allows me to improve people’s function every day. I’m really passionate and proud to be able to make such a meaningful impact. I hope to be able to help people reach their goals and improve their quality of life for many years to come.”

Professor Suzanne Kuys
National Head, School of Physiotherapy

Dr Suzanne Kuys is the National Head of the School of Physiotherapy and leads the Master of Rehabilitation program. Dr Kuys has considerable clinical, teaching and research experience with people following stroke and other neurological conditions and older adults, particularly people undergoing rehabilitation and transitioning from the hospital to home. Dr Kuys has been a clinician for 25 years, with more than 15 years of experience in stroke rehabilitation, and has a strong interest in gait and balance retraining. She is interested in examining how health services can optimise health outcomes for patients.

Research interests include hospital based rehabilitation and care, stroke, balance and gait retraining, outcome measures and physical activity.