When you study psychology, you’ll discover the inner workings of the mind and learn the skills to provide meaningful insight and support to others, when they need it most.

Your work becomes powerful when you empower others.

A degree that belongs on your bucket list

Your time with us is about more than finding a career. It’s also about discovering new places and experiences. As our student, you can complete part of your degree overseas, and you’ll also get access to a range of international community engagement projects.

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Meet our people

Toltu Tufa
Psychology student

“My passion is helping people in diverse communities to get better access to health care, particularly for mental health.

If you have a healthy mind and a healthy perception you are more likely to achieve your goals. I believe it’s all about mental state. ACU helped me achieve the right mindset to finish my studies, so now I can facilitate a similar mindset with people I work with.”

Associate Professor Leah Brennan
School of Psychology

Associate Professor Leah Brennan specialises in the application of psychology approaches to understanding and treating eating, weight and body image concerns. She is particularly interested in the development, evaluation, and dissemination of evidence-based interventions for the treatment in these areas.

Associate Professor Brennan works closely with a range of hospital, community and private treatment services to maximise the impact of her research.