When you’re a scientist, you’re a pioneer of change and discovery. And you could find yourself exploring new ways of curing or treating disease, researching new medical techniques, or communicating your findings to the world.

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Your time with us is about more than finding a career. It’s also about discovering new places and experiences. As our student, you can complete part of your degree overseas, and you’ll also get access to a range of international community engagement projects.

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Theresa Nguyen
Science student

“I have really enjoyed my time at ACU. What I enjoy the most about being a student here is that the faculty and student support are really good. I've gotten to know staff members really well. I appreciate how they are happy to give me the extra help when I need it. There's a really friendly and warm atmosphere here at ACU.”

Dr Christian Cobbold
Deputy Head, School of Science Qld

Dr Christian Cobbold is a senior lecturer and the biomedical science degree coordinator, with a clinical biochemistry background. He undertook a PhD in virology and cell biology, and subsequently ran a research group at Oxford University investigating the cell biology of Menkes disease, a disease characterised by defective copper transport. Dr Cobbold has a passion for research and high quality teaching, and since 2013 has published six peer reviewed papers with students as first author, providing them invaluable literature and research skills.

His research interests lie primarily in the field of exercise and health, particularly physical activity and cardiorespiratory fitness associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease. He also has a passion for the integration of eLearning into teaching and learning strategy, and coordinates projects involved in the use of technology in the classroom to improve student engagement and outcomes.