Do you want to explore questions of knowledge, identity, and value, and uncover the meaning and significance of faith? Are you curious about the origin, nature, and future role of religion, in society? Welcome to theology — food for your inquisitive and enquiring mind

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You can complete part of your degree overseas, and you’ll also get access to a range of international community engagement projects. As a theology student, you benefit from a range of international study tours to enhance your learning, with destinations that include places like Rome, Asia, North America, Israel and the Middle East.

Pastoral work

Meet our people

Ashley Mitcham
Theology graduate

“Studying at ACU has been wonderful. My teachers are always really encouraging and full of advice. It's not having your hand held, but being taught how to look at the world academically and how to approach and solve problems, with a strong network of support. One of the best features of ACU is that it welcomes and engages people equally, whether they have faith or no faith. It's an environment of complete respect, where everyone's invited to be part of the dialogue.”

Dr Maeve Louise Heaney
Theology lecturer

Dr Maeve Louise Heaney is Director of Theological Formation for Ministry in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy. As a theologian, musician and composer, she interweaves the fields of theological aesthetics, spirituality and the arts.

She is a consecrated missionary of a Catholic Institute for Consecrated Life, the Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity. She completed her bachelor in theology at the Instituto Teológico San Pablo Apóstol, in Madrid, affiliated to the Pontifical Urbanian University, and her licentiate and doctorate at the Pontifical Gregorian University, in Rome.